Why 10-point lists don´t work

Skrevet af Ulla Lisa

All the time you are fed with lists of different kinds – how to get a job, get a happy life, catch a man/ woman, win money, be the perfect boss, loose fifteen pounds, get an orgasm every time etc.

Now – to the facts. If 10-points lists had really worked, we would have been able to live happily ever after because of the 10 Commandments. Those must be the best 10-point list in the world (you have to agree whether you are religious or not!). But the sorry fact is that lists don´t work at all to change your life.

The grim truth is that you need a lot of re-e-e-a-a-a-a-lly hard work to get antything done at all, and a lot of mental strength to pursue what you want. And that is only the first point of the list…
Consider i.e. how hard it is to change your place at the breakfast table (if you have breakfast that is) or take another route to your job or your friend. Or change sides with your partner in bed.

And those things are easy – compared to getting your selling act together to get more customers and be more profitable!
So I will not give you a list for this season – just a kick-ass greeting!

YOU decide your own list and it doesn´t have to be long. Just start with at least something and ke-e-ep going…good luck.

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