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I came across a post at a few days ago and it struck a perfect cord with me, as we had recently gone through the same situation with a previous US based client coming back with a proposal for further work.

“…my prices has gone through the roof ever since George W. Bush decided to see if he could bankrupt a country.” –The US Economy is killing me

A lot of work in our industry is typically generated in the US and historically the US has been a major player when it comes to outsourcing IT jobs to Europe and Asian countries at much cheaper rates. The ironic situation now is that due to the current economic situation in the US it can now be cheaper for companies in European countries such as Denmark to outsource work to the US as opposed to get local talent for the job. Unfortunately that also results in Danish prices being perceived as extremely high when dealing with US companies. Our usual price estimate (project dependant) of 800Dkk per hour is now the equivalent of nearly $150 p/h, hence we’ve effectively increased our price by nearly 10% in the last year in the US without actually changing our price at all!!

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