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Here is a followup post on Femi’s previous post with some links about location of your microbusiness and home.

Web Worker Daily has a post about the connection between your commute and your happiness.

“Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam, author of Bowling Alone, proposes that you should minimize your work commute (and the distance from your house to your favorite market) for maximum happiness”

In today’s world many companies just need an internet connection and a phone and they are in business. San Francisco Chronicle has an interesting article of the nomadic lifestyle in the Bay Area.

“San Francisco’s modern-day bedouins are typically armed with laptops and cell phones, paying for their office space and Internet access by buying coffee and muffins.”

The author and Chief Happiness Officer, Alexander Kjerulff discovered by accident that having a small, low-rent apartment made him happier and gave him more leeway to do what he wanted.

“In the startup I’ve been running the past three years I’ve been able to take some chances and focus more on building a happy, sustainable business than on bringing home a big pay-check every month. It has allowed the business to grow organically which has paid off immensely now that the business is up and running.”

The Danish tech-writer, consultant etc. Steven Snedker moved 90 km away from Copenhagen and bought a huge house (in Danish) for what a smaller apartment would cost in Copenhagen.

“Some people love the office and the office routines. The chats with coworkers. The cakes and the gossip. These people shouldn’t do telecommuting. Telecommuting is the equivalent of locking your office door and – apart from one day a week – only communicate with people via phone and email.
Telecommuting has the big advantage that you don’t have to look like you’re working on days were you don’t want to work. You can just take the day off.” – (My translation)

The possibilities today for were and how to work is great. So you don’t have to sit at a desk in a office space if you don’t want.

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