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If a high school kid asked me for an advice today for how to get through university, it would be to start a company while studying.

While Danish universities provide some hands on experience and real-life collaboration there is a lot of things that can’t be taught in school.

During my studies in computer science and communication I think about 10-20% of my year started their own company (mostly as sole proprietors). It was easy to start and pretty easy to find costumers who wanted something done with IT. I started two companies while studying one by myself and another one with 4 of my friends. None of the companies were a huge success but I learned how to do the books and the experience I gained made me confident that starting a company for a living would be doable.
Most of the people who started companies shut them down when they graduated and got ‘real jobs’ but as far as I know there are now four people living the life as entrepreneurs from my year.

My years in university have taught me a lot and I don’t regret it. But you shouldn’t go to college just to get a degree. Mike Glanz wrote a post about how all he learned in college was how to ‘work the system’.

“If I had taken Guy’s advice and learned how to make money instead of being an employee. If I had just found Seth’s blog when he started it… I’m not saying all college is a total waste. I am saying that my university was a total waste for me.

Let me break that down.

I went to college to get a degree. My parents told me a degree was “something to fall back on”, it was “security”, and it would “prepare me for the real world”. In reality it took away my preparedness. I’m a surviving kinda guy. I needed to pass college so I did it the best way possible: find out what the teachers wanted and gave it to them. Within a year I wasn’t trying… I graduated top 10 in my class because I was the best at giving the teachers what they wanted… not because I paid attention to anything they said.”

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