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I first came across the term Generation Y (people born between 1980 and 1990) the other day and it’s been lingering for a couple of days.

“As Generation Y or the Millennials leave their dorms behind and enter the real world, we are encountering a corporate world that is, for the most part, still stuck in its outdated ways.” –Guest Post: What Gen Y Wants from Work

In a way I’ve been thinking that Femi and I were kind of different in abandoning the corporate work, starting a company and moving to a different country. But when I think about it I meet and read about a lot of people from my generation that tries to do things differently. The quote above is from Ryan Healy of Employee Evolution who wrote a post at WWD about what Generation Y wants from a workplace and it struck me as something very much aligned with my thoughts of careers and job.

“I don’t need a business plan and I don’t need millions or even hundreds of thousands to ditch the boring paychecks. I can even continue collecting a paycheck and make some extra money on the side. My very unscientific estimate of young people I know who plan to start a business at some point is eight out of ten. It’s no longer a risky dream. Starting a business is a reasonably cheap and attainable reality. The days of keeping top employees around with a 5% raise or a promotion to the corner office are dead.” – Guest Post: What Gen Y Wants from Work

The emergence of websites like this (Børsen Mikro) is an attribution to a shift in the (Danish) society for more people establishing their own business. Especially in times like these were the Danish economy is doing good. It will be interesting to see how the bigger companies will act to embrace the future generations of employees.

There is more interesting reading material on Generation Y at Wikipedia and

Just discovered that Mads Kristensen also commented (in Danish) on the article.

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