Meeting i Brussels

Skrevet af Ulla Lisa

It was indeed interesting to participate in the big conference in Brussels on Female Entrepreneurship in Europe. We were seven entrepreneurs coming from Sweden. We were all surprised how big a part of the conference was spent on discussing childcare matters, and we became aware that we are indeed fortunate that it is an issue that is so to say solved in Sweden (although you may have difficulties in getting a place right when you would want it).
Otherwise it was fun to get new contacts – or renew old ones – and hear what is happening in different parts of Europe. Let´s put is this way: there is really a lot to be done!

The best part was meeting my Swedish colleagues. We have now formed a formidable network where we have a lot of interesting projects underway, not talking of all other matters where we have an enormous help in discussing with each other.

The bottomline is that a good networks is really where you can both give and take openly and grow personally at the same time. The sky is the limit…

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