Make Mistakes Faster

Skrevet af Femi og Michael

The picture below is taken at Menlo Innovations – the place where Femi and I worked when we met.

Make Mistakes Faster!

The poster on the wall right above the clock, is one of the biggest posters in the office. The year I worked at Menlo taught me a lot but one of the key phrases I’ve taken with me. It’s based on that ideology of Make mistakes faster – so you can make it right quicker. When you are not afraid to make mistakes and owning up to them it’s a lot easier to spot them early on, deal with them, learn a lesson and then move on.

Alexander Kjerulf recently wrote about how forgiveness is good for business. And Seth Gordin also states that failing is a thing to embrace and not to fear:

“There’s never been an entrepreneur with a crystal ball. Thereʼs no way to know for sure
whether your business is going to work, whether your targeted customers will buy, whether
your choice of technology is a good one. Youʼre going to be wrong. Get used to it!

In the face of this uncertainty, it seems to me that the very worst thing you can do is fail to try.”

The Bootstrapper’s Bible

This is our last week in Copenhagen and in three weeks we are flying to Prague. When we are in Prague we are going to allocate most our time to a promising project of our own. Will it sink or swim? We don’t know – but we have to try.

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  • 1. Abelone Glahn  |  11. maj 2007 kl. 16:18

    I hope you continue writing from Prague, as it would be interesting reading your experiences on how to build a company in a new country.

    I love yor advice – make mistakes faster – you have to say What the heck, when thongs go wrong.

    One of the first manusripts for a play I wrote with some fellow journalist back in 1980, was read by a professional author of scripts and journalist too, late Mr. Erik Thygesen
    He said to us, handing back the manuscript:
    “Første gang er ingen gang, og anden gang blir garanteret bedre”
    (Firt time is no time, and second time will by guarantee be better)

    This sentence is of great help to me sometimes, when I really fail.

  • 2. femi og michael  |  11. maj 2007 kl. 17:38

    We will for sure be writing from Prague there is bound to be some good stories to tell.

    Interesting story with Mr. Thygesen – how many tries did it take to get it right?

  • 3. femi og michael  |  11. maj 2007 kl. 17:48

    By the way – I never really understood why the poster had an angel/Jesus-like character rushing to the keyboard. Any ideas?

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