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Out on a limb in PragueLocation is widely regarded as one of the most important decisions for entrepreneurs and businesses. Companies pay astronomical amounts to make sure they get prime locations and buildings in the hottest areas. However for the micro company and others within the new communications era, location is becoming less of a restriction. I say this because we have just taken the decision to move our company to Prague from the 1st of June this year for a period of 6 months. In-keeping with our ‘act first, ask question later’ mantra, we made the decision based on immediate circumstances and couldn’t then find any compelling reasons not to go through with it.

We have built a number of professional relationships during our 7 months in Copenhagen and we intend to continue those relationships, continue to work with clients based in Denmark and most likely return once our stay in Prague is over. However we have already engaged in work for clients in USA and are soon to start on another from the United Kingdom. The growing interest from companies, outside of Denmark, in collaborating with us is one of the reasons we believe location may not be crucial at this stage of our company. The advance in technology has meant that communication in the modern era is not only cheap but also very effective. We utilize a number of online tools which centralize around remote collaboration (further reading DanishEnglish). We also heavily utilize free software tools for communication such as Skype – free calls (with video) to any Skype member all over the world and cheap fees to traditional landlines and mobile phones. We use Skype and MSN Messenger for instant messaging and TightVNC for remote desktop connections (View and control someone else’s computer).

So with all that said this move should give us as entrepreneurs an opportunity to travel and explore a new city, meet new interesting people and clients, temporarily reduce operation costs due to the lower cost of living in comparison to Copenhagen and hopefully continue our education in this industry. I’d also encourage everyone to read The world is flat by Thomas Friedman, it’s a great book focusing on a number of the topics talked about above.


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