Goal #2: A trip to Hawaii

Skrevet af Femi og Michael

Na Pali Coast

Today our company celebrates it’s 11th months anniversary – hurray!

When we started almost a year ago, we tried to formulate some goals we could put into our business plan. When you are all green it’s quite difficult to put some figures on how much money you expect to make in the next six to twelve months. So we did a backwards calculation – were do we want to be in a year?

Asking ourselves that question we came up with two very specific goals we could target.

Goal #1: Stay alive for six months
We were more or less both broke when we started the company and didn’t want to take a loan to get things going. So our first goal became to be able to pay for rent, food and partying the first six months of our company’s life. I was pretty sure that we would be down and out by six months down the line but on the contrary we got jobs coming in and were having fun in Copenhagen while making a decent living.

Goal #2: A trip to Hawaii
Fernando, one of our friends who was in Michigan same time as us, got a job as an engineer in Hawaii after he graduated last year. We made it our second goal to be able to afford travelling to Hawaii and visit Fernando. About three months ago we had a good contract that gave us enough stability and income to be able to buy the tickets for Hawaii. So tomorrow we are starting our journey, flying half way across the world to spend three weeks of vacation on the islands of Hawaii with a couple of friends. The picture above is from the beautiful Na Pali coast were we will be trekking for four days.

We need to come up with our next goals but more on that when we get home.

Life is good!

Update: Define Success is a blog post by Rick Turoczy of More Than a Living of how to clarify goals. It rings nicely with how we defined our goals.

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  • 1. abelone glahn  |  2. august 2007 kl. 13:01

    Det er en fed ting – at love sig selv en tur til Hawaii.
    Det får mig virkelig til at tænke på, hvad jeg skal begave mig selv med om 5 måneder, når jeg bliver 8 år.
    jeg slænger en blomsterkrans om halsen på mig selv nu og går i tænkeboks på, hvad præmien skal være.


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