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The last couple of days I’ve come across a couple of interesting blog posts about the state of mind of entrepreneurs. I’m sure people in all walks of life have fears or worries about what the future might hold, but running your own company can definitely put you out of your comfort zone and induce some fear. Naomi Dunford describes in Entrepreneurship: What To Do When You’re Scared Sh*tless how to face your fears and learn to accept that they are a condition of life:

“First, acknowledge it. Get to know it. The worst thing to do with fear is pretend it’s not there. You’re not fooling anyone, least of all fear itself, and by denying its existence you just look like an idiot. Get to the root of your fear. Analyze where it comes from. Find out what you’re really afraid of.”

An ATM here in Prague ate my Visa-card the other day because my account had gone red. This is of course is really annoying since I need to get a new card from my bank and everything. But it was also a bucket of cold water in the head pointing out that funds are starting to run a bit low. We should be good to get through January but sometimes it can be a scary thought. But as Naomi says…

“As a bloggers, artists, writers, business owners, we are afraid. Trying to avoid fear, circumvent fear, or remove fear is an act of futility. Fear will not go away.

Live with fear, do your thing anyway.”

Molly, a good friend of ours moved from Prague to Barcelona to start from scratch for the second time in a year. I really admire her for doing that and enjoy the way she describes it in her latest blog post:

“When I started thinking about moving to Prague (some of you will remember this) I was terrified. Terrified. And when I got to Prague I was terrified. And when I started teaching I was terrified. It seems like I spent so much time being afraid.

I think what I was most afraid of was the unknown. A pretty common fear. But not just the unknown of the big vast world, but the unknown Molly, the Molly I was turning into, the future Molly.

[…] It’s been an unbelievable ride, and I’m nowhere near finished yet! As I said to a friend recently, “If it wasn’t me I’d be jealous.” And it’s true. I’m jealous of myself.”

I have fears, yes – but I wouldn’t change it for the ride I’ve had.

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