A startup rollercoaster

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After recently speaking to another two man partnership company based in Copenhagen, I was (and still am) very intrigued by their business model, because unlike a micro company like us, they have solicited financial backing funding from Angels, Venture Capitalists and Sponsors. They pointed me to a video documentary they had used as a source of inspiration, which I finally acquired and settled down to watch in the early hours of last night.

Startup.comStartup.com is an exciting and frank document about the “rise and fall of the American dream”. It chronicles the tribulations of an Internet startup company in era of the dot com bubble, when a lot of money was being shelved out by various source to companies, with the lure of making big money in return on the virtually untapped Internet market. Having writhed, winced and wriggled through the 1 hour 43 min documentary, I must say it confirmed my worst nightmares with regard business ventures of that scale and solidifies my belief in the benefits of the micro company model. However, I have the utmost respect for the entreupenuers that have the ability and desire to take on responsibilies and pressure of that magnitude.

I would encourage anyone who hasnt already seen this documentary to dig it out.

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