A personal tribute to Richard Hamilton

Skrevet af Ulla Lisa

Richard Hamilton. Going down in history as the father of Pop Art, the creator of the The White Album by the Beatles and numerous works of art in all the important museums. The fearless artist who never pledged his integrity, the man who helped young artists by seeing their indivual potential and personality, the artist who always surprised the audience by his fresh ideas to the very end, the teacher of Bryan Ferry, among others. One of the last of his generation, the artist who followed his own consience and commented on the current events in his own not-to-be-copied style.

Who else would dare to see the little boy in Tony Blair and paint him as cowboy with a big hat and guns on his hips? Who else would plan a big retrospective by the age of 89 years of age? Who else would work  endless hours to make all the details perfect when everyboy else were tired and wanted to go home?  Who else could tell the best stories about his experiences with Marcel Duchamp, Dieter Roth, Salvador Dali…? Who else would pin-point the absurdities of the current art world and chuckle about it? Well, who will do it now?

Dear Richard. I had the personal privilege of knowing you for more than 35 years through your contacts with my husband Edvard and your collaboration in different exciting projetcs. I had the privilege of listening to your memories, hear about new projects and take part in stunning events. Like going through the streets of London in your car and you telling about how it was to live there during the Blitz as a young boy. Like going by car through the winding roads of Oxfordshire (a little too fast for a pregnant woman in the curves, but you really liked speed). Like savour a glass of excellent red wine while enjoying an exceptional meal. And getting inspired by your working discipline – you always longed for the weekend when you could work without interruption… We will miss you, Richard.

Media all over the world has written a lot about Richard Hamilton. I have eagerly waited for Swedish media to write something about one of the most important artists. But nothing except ten lines… So to all my friends – here are some of the links in English. (You find articles in all the big newspapers from all over the world by googling over 2.920.000 links):

The Guardian

The Independent

New York Times

The Daily Mail

The BBC News

The Telegraph

even The Bangkok Post etc.

Photo: Selfportrait R H

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